Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Gears on 64 bit GNU/Linux

I have been enticed to install Gears by the offline support in Gmail, Google Reader and Wordpress, but was unable to easily find a current build to install. To save people trawling through the net, I have listed the builds available here.

The files are linked as XPI files, so a simple click on the links below should bring up the install dialogue. I will update this post as new versions come out.

gears-linux-x86_64-opt-05210.xpi (Current as of 18/05/09)
gears-linux-opt-05110.xpi (2/Feb/09)
gears-linux-opt- (27/Jul/08)
gears-linux-opt- (18/Jun/08)
gears-linux-opt- (07/Mar/08)